The Best Countertop Wine Cooler to Buy in the UK

Are you asking the question, what is a wine cooler? A wine cooler is an appliance used to store wines at the optimum temperature and humidity till the time they are served. A Countertop wine cooler is usually very small to fit into a countertop or a table surface.

They are mostly preferred to undercounter and Freestanding wine fridges by most people. This can be linked to the fact that it doesn’t take floor space as the others and can be easily afforded.

There are several types of countertops, depending on which specifications you want. For example, a 600mm wine cooler can contain a good number of bottles under the ideal temperature. There is thermoelectric, stainless steel, and dial zone countertops wine cooler.

Here is a selection of the best countertop wine fridges you can find in the UK:

1. Magic Chef MCWC6B-6-Bottle:

This wine cooler measures 22.3*17.8*12.4 inches in dimension. It is typically not heavier and can sit pretty on a countertop. The wine fridge is super cool and maintains a temperature range of 46°F-66°F, enough to store white and red wines.

It is small in size and contains six bottles of wine. In addition, this countertop cooler has internal LED lighting that makes it highly efficient. It can store only six bottles of wine at once.

2. Commercial Cool CCW7060MB:

This brand of wine cooler is very similar to the first, but it has a see-through glass. It has two sculpted chrome wine racks to carry three bottles of wine each. They are thermoelectric and so are very quiet. It has a glass door which gives it maximum protection from UV rays and preserves the quality of wine for a long time.

3. Ovation Premium:

They weigh up to 19.61lbs. It can contain a total of 8 bottles. It is made of stainless steel and has shelves made with premium oak wood. It has an LCD screen and a tempered smoked glass door. In addition, it is particularly suitable for both home and commercial use because it is durable and highly efficient.

4. Magic Chef MCWC12B-12-bottle:

This countertop wine cooler stores wine at a temperature of 54°F-66°F. This means that it is only ideal for red wines. White wines are stored at a temperature of less than 54°F, and sadly, this wine cooler cannot offer that.

However, it can contain 12 bottles of wine at a go! It has a black door. If you consider a countertop wine cooler right away, this one might just be your best bet. It is very popular, and you can feed your eyes with customer reviews online.

5. Nutrichef 16- Bottle Thermoelectric:

One of the advantages of this wine cooler is that it can contain up to 16 bottles and are ideal for both white and red wines. With this wine cooler, you can start preparing to begin a collection of your favorite white and red wines. It has a built-in circulation fan. It has a proven record of being highly reliable.


It is strongly recommended that you don’t just visit any store online to purchase your wine coolers. It is safer to buy from reliable sources with quality customer service and a minimum of a year warranty. Most reliable sources will offer free or paid installation services. Even at that, you need to be very careful before making payment.

Author: Uciha Nandaime